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Tomáš Hartman, Ph.D.

He received his master’s degree at the University of Chemistry and Technology in 2014 in the field of organic chemistry, where he was studying heteroarenium salts as potential catalysts for sulfide oxidation. In 2019, he finished his Ph.D. study at department of Organic chemistry at the UCT under supervision of prof. Radek Cibulka. The focus of the Ph.D. study was photochemistry, namely organo-photocatalysts with the aim to use flavins as photocatalysts for [2+2] cycloadditions as well as cycloreversion reactions. Since 2019, he has been working in the research group of prof. Zdenek Sofer at the department of Inorganic chemistry. His research is focus mainly of the synthesis and derivatization of layered group graphene analogues based on silicon and germanium.