Our work on cover of ACS Inorganic Chemistry journal

A few-layer arsenene was successfully produced by low-potential anhydrous electrochemical exfoliation from orthorhombic arsenic. Exfoliation was carried out in the nonaqueous environment of Ν,N-dimethylformamide and ammonium hexafluorophosphate. In this cover image, a scanning electron microscopy photograph of the orthorhombic arsenic crystal is shown at the top. Exfoliation of the arsenic crystal has been driven by the applied negative potential, which provokes the intercalation of ammonium cations between the layers of arsenic and induces delamination into a few-layer arsenene. The schematic drawing of the arsenene layers in the electrolyte medium appears after exfoliation of its bulk counterpart. See E. Kovalska, N. Antonatos, J. Luxa, and Z. Sofer.