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Stefanos Mourdikoudis, Ph.D.

Stefanos Mourdikoudis is a chemical engineer who obtained his Ph.D. in magnetic nanoparticles in 2009 from the Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Following this, he moved to the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry at Toulouse for a post‐doc until 2011. There, he worked in the airless and water-free metal-organic synthesis of nickel-based magnetic nanostructures for the doping of composite materials (resins). A research fellowship allowed him to work afterwards at the Department of Physical Chemistry (University of Vigo) and the Department of Chemical Engineering (Aristotle University). In that period he worked with a large variety of nanoparticle systems, including metal chalcogenides as well as noble monometallic and bimetallic structures. These nanomaterials were used in catalysis, electrocatalysis and biological fields. Between 2016 and mid-2020 he worked as a research associate and teaching fellow at University College London. His main topic was iron carbide nanoparticles for hyperthermia. The research interests of Dr Mourdikoudis cover the chemical synthesis and characterisation of diverse types of nanoparticles, either destined for specific applications or from sheer scientific curiosity.