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Fabrizio Guzzetta, Ph.D.


My name is Fabrizio Guzzetta, I am Italian and I have joined the group of prof. Sofer. I am an inorganic chemist by core education, but I have a multifaceted background, having revolved around the structure of Nafion in dry and hydrated conditions (2005) by means of SAXS analysis, and then mostly on the synthesis and preparation of various nanomaterials, including electroexfoliation of graphene and several optical, magnetic and hydrogen-storage nano, micro and bulk materials. I have obtained my Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry in 2018, in Spain, with a Thesis on the synthesis and application of upconverting nanoparticles.
In the group I will work mainly with 2D materials with a lot to learn and my little knowledge to offer.
In the spare time I like spending time with my friends and family, and a lot of other things.